Soliya Reflection

The use of Soliya was a different method of meeting new people from around the world, where we were able to discuss topics we chose. The topics we chosen in order to see the diversity among our peers from different regions and how they were viewed. Topics such as immigration, freedom of speech and culture diversity were discussed, and I believe through these discussions we were able to learn and understand each other’s perspectives.


The communication on Soliya is different other online communication platforms due to its ability to have people speak at their own time by pressing the button labeled “Speak” rather than have people talking over each other, which would’ve been more difficult due to the number of people taking part. A platform such as Skype does not feature that option. Soliya allows for a more diplomatic conversation, as each one gets to speak without being interrupted, therefore we are able to hear and understand each individual’s perception on a certain topic.


Using Soliya I was able to learn a lot about myself as a communicator in the digital world. I was able to realize that I’m a rather shy character, however on a platform such as Soliya I was able to express myself more than I would in person. When communicating online I feel like I could be more honest and open with my peers, because to reach a level of comfort where I’m ready to share my honest opinion takes a lot more time in person then it does online. When discussing my opinion online, I feel as though as I am protected my screen, which enables me to have the confidence to share my opinion.


Encouraging others to contribute in face to face conversations about topics we discussed could be more difficult to control, as some people may be stubborn in terms of their opinion and therefore may react defensively. However, encouraging them to use online platforms is fairly simple, due to level of respect you give to someone you first meet, as well as encouraging people who took part in Soliya to discuss their experience with the platform and their chance of meeting new people.


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