Final Class Reflection

  1. Three most important things you learned in the course

I believe the three most important things I learned in this course was the ability to listen and respect people’s views, as their experiences in life lead to their reasoning, thus resulting in their opinion. The second thing I learnt was the ability to communicate in a certain manner is key to the development of a relationship with someone you meet for the first time, respecting their views and having an honest discussion enhances the relationship. Finally, the third most important thing I learned is how many different topics interlink with each other, and how we should approach various aspects of life with a wider scope.


  1. What helped you learn them?

I believe the constant class discussions led me to realize and understand all these main points. The way Dr. Bali allowed each student to express their own opinion and encouraged honesty within the class really helped each student feel comfortable in sharing what they really thought. Furthermore, I felt as though splitting up in to groups to undergo reading and debates were helpful for to get comfortable and familiar with our peers.


  1. How the course can be improved in future iterations – what should be added, removed, or changed?

In terms of how the course can be improved for the future, I believe for myself it would be easier to have proper essays due in, rather than blogposts, as I feel as though consistency is not a strong element I possess.

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