Equity Blogposts

Throughout this learning experience I learned about the importance of digital equity and was taught how unaware the digital community is regarding the concept of equity. When reading the personal blog regarding “Digital Redlining, Access and Privacy,” I was exposed to the existence of revenge porn and the fact that people are unaware of its existence due to the filtering of the internet. It seems as though viewers of the internet do not even have the choice to filter their searches since some topics have universally been filtered and therefore promoting ignorance towards the topic. According to the article, she has been redlined based off of the search engine controlled by the IT policy of the institution she is in. This makes me realize that what kind of IT policies are we exposed to and what kind of information restrictions are we experiencing that we are not even aware of. This article was very helpful because it brought up an issue that I was not informed about and now I have been exposed to a real-life instance that I could connect to as a student and a person who uses the internet to educate myself on certain topics.

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