In this video, Damaso Reyes aims to show ways how one can spot fake news. It begins by showing many fake news stories that have spread worldwide. He then begins by discussing the first aspect in how one can spot fake news, which is where the information comes from. Many sites that publish fake news use similar URL that is owned by a credible news organization to trick the viewers. Another factor that helps indicate fake news is whether the headline seems neutral or not. If the headline manages to trigger some kind of emotion inside of you then it may be a sign of fake news. Another important aspect that can help indicate fake news is the author of the story. Knowing the history of the author and other stories he has published will help one a lot in deciding whether or not the news is real. Looking at the article’s sources is also important to understand where one gets their information from. Lastly, one should think critically if the visuals are believable. Many fake news sites take previous photos of news that have happened years ago and publish it with new fake news that can trick people into thinking that its true.


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