Blogpost on Fake News

Being spread easily, fake news has become one of todays most discussed issues. A significant reason why people make up fake news is due to political purposes. However, many people may believe fake news if it fits their opinion. Twitter, Facebook and other social media applications help the spread of fake news. This is due to the fact that people are free to publish whatever they please. Others use fake news to attract viewers to their websites. This is through misleading headlines that may interest people in order to generate online advertising revenue. Fortunately, after many attempts of spreading fake news, sources could lose their credibility. A well-known figure who’s known for spreading fake news is Donald Trump. To recognize fake news, people must consider many things. For starters one should look for evidence that support the news as well as get to know the credibility of the source that published the story and many other factors that could help identify fake news.

Two games are provided to help explain the concept of fake news.

The first game is called “Fake it to Make it”. The game aims to show how creating sites with fake news could be profitable due to the number of viewers one will receive. It also shows that getting viewers from the United States are most profitable. However, this game explains that in order to gain the people’s trust, one must first begin by being credible.

Another game was provided which is entitled “Bad News”, which aims to show people how one can spread fake news. In this game, they are using Twitter, showing that through Twitter fake news spread in seconds. This game also focuses on gaining credibility in order for people to have trust in you. In this game, they gain credibility through identity fraud, by creating a fake official Twitter account. Also while creating fake news it must be somewhat believable.


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