Game Post

  1. My game was created to put an individual in a scenario where they are a managing partner of a law firm. The law firm is backed by many different investors and expect you to begin to make returns. You are given options to pick from in order to make money for your firm. However, there are some cases that appeal to your emotional side. The idea of the game was inspired by a TV show called “Suits” which follows two lawyers that have different mentalities when approaching cases. This made me wonder what I would do, so I decided to create a game to know what you would when put in that scenario.
  3. Since my first draft of the game I corrected a few of my sentences in order to make the information more straightforward. However, the biggest change I added was including a feature to continue working other cases if you are safe or thriving. I also included a chance for the users to try again if they reach game over. I did this in order to provide another opportunity for the user, in case they thought of another way they would approach the task.
  4. If I had more time to develop the game, I would have included a meter measuring how safe the player is when coming to pick which case they want, as their job security may influence a person’s decision. I took this idea from another game called “Fake News,” which has a meter showing you newspaper credibility. Also, if I was given more time, I would have developed more scenarios and expanded on the current scenarios, by giving more details and more unexpected event in the cases.
  5. The most important thing I’ve learnt while creating this game is how you need to move your emotions to one side when linking it to work, as I feel that if you let your emotions make decisions for you, you could end up unemployed. Helping out other before helping out yourself may hinder your progress. In terms of the development of the game, I feel that creating this game helped me understand how specific I need to be when giving instructions, in order make it easy for others to follow.

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