Reflection on Digital Games

Spent is a game played based on testing our ability to control and spend money. We were given an initial budget and we selected a job. The game then simulates series of rounds, were you have different scenarios that you must decide how much money to spend and whether or not you think its worth it. Throughout the game they also created unexpected hiccups in order to see how we would financial manage ourselves and our families.


The BBC Syrian refugee journey game also posed a number of difficult decisions in order to guide your family safe passage to Europe. It begins by you deciding which route you take initially, followed by a series of drastic incidents that require you to save yourself and your family. This game required, in my opinion, a lot less strategic thinking then Spent, as I believe it was more straightforward in which decisions were needed to be made.


For Spent I enjoyed the mental thought required to succeed in the game. I felt challenged and was put in scenarios where I was on the fence between a few situations. As for the BBC Syrian refugee journey, I enjoyed the realistic scenarios and the user-friendly setup of the game.


Playing the game Spent was mostly an enjoyable experience; however, the game was pretty long. I feel that if the game had been shorter it would’ve been perfected. For the BBC Syrian refugee journey game, I felt as though the options that were given to me were pretty straightforward in the decision-making process. If the game had implemented more difficult decisions and stimulated my mind more, I feel that I would’ve enjoyed it more.


The BBC Syrian refugee journey game made me feel a sense of sympathy towards the Syrian people. Obviously, there is no way that I could ever feel the same way as the Syrian refugees, however, it showed the difficult decisions that may arise from their escape from Syria. In Spent, I felt a sense of responsibility as there was a low budget to work with and you are providing for a family, not just yourself. The game was realistic which made me feel genuinely worried that my budget would finish.


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