Learning Experiences – Empathy

One of the main learning experiences that resonated with me was the discussion about discrimination and stereotypes. It made me realize that it is a common misconception that everyone experiences yet is rarely addressed. Plus, there are stereotypes that are more common than others and through the discussion it taught me how to empathize with other forms of stereotypes that are discriminated against which are not as acknowledged as others. Another interesting thought that came to mind when learning about this topic is the fact that one can be bias towards a stereotype. That means that it’s possible one can feel like their stereotype is more offensive than others disregarding the fact that each person has their own reaction and emotions to whatever degree they feel. Those kinds of people lack the important skill of empathy. Discussing different people’s opinions allowed me to open up and start to take other perspectives into consideration. Not only was I learning about empathy towards the topic of discrimination and stereotypes, but I was also learning empathy towards other people’s experiences and opinions during the discussion.


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